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The SHIELD Mentor Program Mentoring Model



The SHIELD Mentor Program Mentoring Model is a life-changing professionally managed, year-long leadership building intensive program focused on four focus areas: Strengthen,  Help,  Inspire  and  Encourage Leadership Development.





Our mission is to prepare young people through holistic programs to be leaders for the purpose of empowering their communities.



The SHIELD Mentor Program (SHIELD) specializes in the integration of group mentoring, online mentoring and peer mentoring, which enables youth to receive greater positive influences from more than one individual. SHIELD's services are two-fold in that we train community members who share the mentoring spirit throughout the community to become role models as well as provide mentoring sessions in which the youth can spend time engaged in constructive and meaningful programs built towards their development.



Together, youth and adults participate in interactive workshops, community service activities, team building exercises, meetings with community leaders, leadership development, and focus on a specific theme, such as goal setting, decision making, conflict resolution, effective communication and teamwork.  A program year includes:

  • Monthly Saturday Leadership Workshops
  • Service projects
  • College visits
  • And more


SHIELD gives adolescents the opportunity to attend group mentoring workshops and correspond via e-mail on a variety of leadership development topics to prevent youth from making poor life decisions, engage them into constructive activities and enhance a positive future through an environment that is exciting, inspirational, engaging and educational. 



Applications for the SHIELD Mentor Program are being accepted for both Mentors and Mentees.  Space is limited.


The program brings together middle school and high school youth from many different personal backgrounds from a wide cross-section of ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds.  Selection into the program is based on commitment to participate, parental support, dedication to SHIELD's mission, maturity and potential for learning leadership skills.



After successful completion of six group mentoring sessions Mentees will be eligible to be matched with a Mentor.  A successful mentoring relationship is highly dependent upon mutual interests and compatible personalities.  The match process is bi-directional, taking into account not only the Mentee's preferences for a Mentor, but also the Mentor's preferences for a Mentee.  The initial matches are based on the information provided by the Mentee on their Mentoring Profile Sheet. Every effort is made to match students with a Mentor who will be best suited to their professional and/or academic interests.