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Get Involved


We are currently seeking participants for our 2015-2016 Program Year.  We will have a limited number of spots open in the program.  Cohorts are capped at 20 youth participants and 8-10 volunteer staff.  **If the program is at capacity or there is not available space, the youth may be put on a waitlist. 


It is because of the generosity of SHIELD community participants, such as yourself, that we are able to contribute to the well-being of our youth in a number of ways. For example, an hour of your time is more valuable than any expense when a child knows that you are available to them by choice. It is also simple to support SHIELD Mentor Program if you're unable to consistently contribute your time, but you know of someone who may benefit from SHIELD program. All you have to do is refer or enroll someone between ages 9-18 years old, and then we are able to give the priceless investment of a mentor. Lastly, your financial support helps to carry the legacy of SHIELD to continue to enable deserving youth with opportunities to participate in SHIELD programs at no cost.

 Refer/Enroll a Mentee

To become a Mentee, a young person must be between the ages of 9 – 18. Selection into the program is based on commitment to participate, parental support, dedication to SHIELD's mission, maturity and potential for learning leadership skills. That’s it! >>

Volunteer Your Time

Just a few hours a month can make a big difference in a young person’s life and also be a rewarding experience. Volunteers are community role models who focus on the achievement of goals, by engaging youth in mentoring for a year or longer if possible. >>

 Join Online Community

We invite you to become a member of SHIELD's Online Community on Yammer, a free social networking site for SHIELD participants only to participate in online discussions, share experiences and network. . Registration is free and voluntary. >>

Become Community Partners

We want young people to have the opportunity to participate in SHIELD programs wherever they live in order to provide larger groups of participating youth (Mentees) with access to mentoring support. >>

 Come Out to SHIELD's Event

Find out more about the events that take place throughout the year as part of SHIELD effort to close the mentoring gap, and how you can join us! >>


Invest In SHIELD's Future

When you choose to invest in the future of our organization, you will enable a young person the opportunity to participate in programs and services at no cost. We greatly appreciate donations of all amounts. >>